Blütenstand – Birgit Janco
Wolf-Dietrich-Straße 23
5020 Salzburg
Telefon: 0664 3520453
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About us

Birgit Janco introduces herself

Welcome to Blütenstand

More than three and a half years ago, Birgit Janco was able to fulfill her dream her own flower shop.

At BLÜTENSTAND, we don’t offer mass-produced arrangements, but focus on individually tailored products for each of our customers. Initially only a few believed in the success of this business model, but now it has a large number of regular customers and is firmly established, for example in the organization of weddings. Our customers come from all over the globe from Austria to Australia.

In addition to this success, she also succeeded internationally. She became the ambassador for Austria for EUROFLORIST – one of the world’s largest online flower retailers – and looked after around 100 florists in Austria.

Via the marketplace of EUROFLORIST the purchase of flowers takes place at the world’s largest flower fair. Thanks to sophisticated logistics, customers have an advantage over fresh flowers of up to one week!